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[1997 USA] - 90 Minutes. Michael Cristofer

Winner: Berlin International Film Festival[1997] Reader jury of the Siegessaule

Nominated: Chlotrudis Awards 1998
GLAAD Media Awards 1998
Independent spirit award 1998
Open Palm Award 1997
Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Award 1997

Alison Folland, Tara Subkoff, Leisha Hailey

Lesbian Movie All Over MeAll Over Me LukeLeisha Hailey early lesbian Movie


Set in 1990's Hell's Kitchen, New York, All over me is about fifteen year old Claude and Ellen who are 'best friends' with dreams of starting a band together.

Where Claude is more proactive about this, visits music stores, meets other musicians and generally tries to get things going, Ellen gets distracted by her new boyfriend and general bad boy, Mark.

Ellen seems to be aware that Claude is attracted to her and strings her along with occasional kisses and hugs, oddly enough, while tell her all about her latest visit to Mark.

Claude and Luke, a gay musician who lives across the street, soon become good friends. There is also a connection between Luke and Jesse, a young gay man who works in a pizzeria with Claude.

Things take a turn one night when Mark, his friends and Ellen come to have dinner at the Pizzeria. Luke also happens to drop by mainly to see Jesse but gets into an altercation with Mark.

Subsequent events of that night and the following morning have significant effects on the dynamics of Claude and Ellen's friendship.

Where Ellen seems to spiral further and further out of control, Claude seems to find new strength in herself. At this pretty tumultous time, Claude meets Lucy, a guitarist, at a club who is also interested in developing her music carrier.

Claude has an important decison to make. Hang on to Ellen or move on with her life and hopefully Lucy.

Review of All Over Me

The thing that really stands out is the excellent acting all round.

The mood is generally dark and just seems to hover in dark mode throughout. No efforts have been made to glamourize anything about this film.

It's about confused teenagers from a poor background with no role models trying to find their way. Drugs, sexual promiscuity, homophobia are all thrown in as a matter of course.

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