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[2006 Spain ] - 98 minutes. Writer/Director: Juan Carlos Claver

Carmen Elias, Susi Sanchez, Juli Mira, Juan Fernandez, Sergio Caballero and Julieta Serrano

Synopsis of A Love To Keep

Pilar and Elvira are two teachers who meet and fall in love in 1970's Spain.

Pilar's mother is very conservative and believing that lesbianism is a mental illness sends her daughter to a psychiatric institute where she is repeatedly subjected to electro convulsive therapy to try to cure her of her 'illness'

The result of this electroshock therapy has tragic consequences for all involved


Review of A Love To Keep

Honest and say this one did not grab me

A story about forbidden love in a community that still believes, in some quarters, that being a lesbian is a mental illness should be good fodder for a great love story

But unfortunately, the story just does not connect. You know what they are trying to convey but just don't feel it

Perhaps it is because this movie is in Spanish and was reviewed via subtitles

The lead actresses though gave it a good go

It is quite apparent that this was made for TV

Whoever cut the trailer managed to deliver more than the actual movie gave

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