Movies For Lesbians - And Then Came Lola


[2009 USA] - 71 Minutes

Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler

Ashleigh Sumner, Jill Bennett, Cathy Debuono, Jessica Graham, Angelyna Martinez, Candy Tolentino

And then Came LolaLola And Casey

Synopsis of And Then Came Lola

Lesbian Movie based in San Francisco
And then came Lola is kind of like a lesbian groundhog day

Basically Lola is Casey's girlfriend and is not the most time disciplined person in the world. Having said that Lola seems to have a heart of gold and she does try.

Casey, Lola's girlfriend is trying to get a graphics design contract. The deal is being brokered by her very fit friend Danny. Casey has made some sample Logos for the company and Lola is having them printed by..Lola's ex-girlfriend (people do make the strangest choices). Oh and Lola is Casey's photographer.

The whole premise of this movie is Lola's attempts to pick up the prints from her ex-girlfriends print shop and deliver them to Casey on time for her pitch.

Seems straight forward but everything that can go wrong goes wrong.

Oh and did I mention that the Danny is pretty hot and a lot of flirting going on between Danny and Casey. Hmmm

So does Lola deliver the prints on time. And what happens with all that flirting between Casey and Danny.

Oh and then there is the girl with the dog!

Review of And Then Came Lola

I just love the use of animation in this movie. It's been used in a few movies with mixed results but in And then came Lola, it works.

And then came Lola is a light hearted film that is just there to entertain. No subliminal messages, no unnecessary drama, just good lesbian entertainment.

Having said that the producers are a little optimistic. I want to live in that community where there are so many beautiful lesbians and gay men hanging about.

Interesting fact. Danny and Casey are actually a couple in real life. Aww

Quotes From And Then Came Lola

"I don't like the pressure of being on time" "Sex is a communication...And I love to communicate"