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[2003 USA] - 98 minutes. Trish Doolan

Winner: Toronto Film Festival - Best feature - Audience award

Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival - Jury Prize

Philadelphia G and L Film Festival - Best Lesbian Feature, Audience Award

Phoenix out Far – Best Lesbian Feature

Maria Cina, Trish Doolan, Denise Miller, Molly Cheek, Honey Labrador


Alex, a cook, is trying to host the perfect bridal shower for her ex-best friend, April.

From the outset there is tangible tension between Alex and April. So one wonders why Alex is going to all the trouble of hosting April's Shower

April is engaged to everyone's Mr. Right. He is attentive, well mannered, good looking and financially comfortable.

As April's shower progresses, we get an insight into the lives of her friends. Each has an interesting story to tell, each rich with character and personality

Without giving too much away, the start of the story reveals a lot of tension between April and Alex.


Definitely a must watch. This movie covers a wide range of issues without being patronizing. A really good, feel good movie

The obvious question is if there is so much animosity, why is Alex hosting April’s Shower.

As the movie unravels you are drawn into the lives of Alex and her weird and wonderful friends and the complexities therein. This story has unexpected twists for many of its characters

This movie had me riveted from start to finish.

Full of laughs, and a refreshing story.  All performances are flawless

One to watch and watch again

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