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Bad Girls Lesbian TV Series

BAD GIRLS Lesbian TV Drama

Lesbian Interest TV series from UK
[1999; UK] - Maureen Chadwick

Winner: National Television Award [2000] Most Popular Drama
TV Quick Award [2000] Best loved Drama

Mandana Jones, Simone Lahbib, Jack Ellis, Helen Fraser, Linda Henry, Lara Cazalet, Victoria Alcock, Kika Mirylees, Jane Lowe and Debra Stephenson

Synopsis of Bad Girls:

A great lesbian TV series that ran into an eighth series.

This groundbreaking, award winning, lesbian themed television drama series focuses on the lives of the people in HMP Larkhall, a women's prison.

The lives of the inmates, prison wardens and there loved ones is cleverly explored in what turns out to be one of the greatest lesbian love stories screened on UK TV.

The characters are diverse, individually interesting and engaging and the well formed.

HMP Larkhall

Although the main theme in Bad Girls series 1 -3 was a lesbian love interest developing between prisoner Nikki Wade and prison warden Helen Stewart, there is a host of other important issues addressed in this series

Drug addiction, bullying, abuse in the work place, love, heart break, coping with a child with disability, coping with death are some of the themes that run through Bad girls the series

No-one who watched the series when it first aired can forget 'Mr Fenner', brilliantly played by Jack Ellis, the overbearing prison officer with a ever so slight whiff of corruption.

Or 'Yvonne Atkins' played by Linda Henry who is currently acting in East enders. She was the gangsters spoilt wife who is used to getting her way.

The two Julies two dizzy mums with a heart of gold and Shell Dockley.

All great characters. Loads of interesting subplots. 8 years of drama that delivered great stories every episode it aired

Really commendable was the bold and unflinching take on lesbian love both the good and the bad

Sylvia hollamby Bad GirlsNikki And Helen Bad GirlsMr Fenner

Bad Girls Lesbian TV Series 1

Helen Stewart is the new governor of HMS larkhall and soon finds that her softly softly approach will not win her any authority with the prisoners on G wing who are mainly serving life sentences. Especially Nikki Wade who is in for the murder of a police officer.

We soon find that there is more under the surface with regards to Nikki than the bald facts would suggest.

Bad girls season 1 also introduces Mr Fenner, a misogynist who thinks he should be the governor of G wing. The main thrust of this season is the interplay between Nikki and Helen and Helen and Jim.

The background to this are equally relevant stories involving drugs in prison, lost partners outside the prison, bullying, death of a prisoner and the currency for authority in prisons.

Lesbians and lesbian relationships are in abundance as you would expect in any series about female prisons, and in bad girls season one the main lesbian characters are Nikki Wade and Shell Dockley.

Nikki is attracted to Helen and makes no bones about telling Helen. Helen on the other hand is engaged and very straight

Bad Girls Lesbian TV Series 2

In Season 2 Helen is torn between doing what she things is the right thing and sticking to her conservative life as is and her growing attraction to Nikki. The idea of being a lesbian just does not sit well with her and is in sharp contrast with her life so far. Mr Fenner's discovery of her little secret and other problems in the prison may prove to be more than Helen can handle

Also Bad girls series 2 Shell Dockley has a surprising and a little scary change in personality. All very deep and serious stuff but really well handled

Denny, Shell Dockleys side kick, has a rude shock and lots of food for thought on the arrival of a new prisoner to HMP Larkhall

And a junior prison officer find love behind bars but is it too late?

Bad Girls Lesbian TV Series 3

Opens big with a show down between Shell Dockley and Jim Fenner with life threatening consequencies.

Nikki gets a new roommate, very christian and miss middle England Barbara. Also with Helen now out of the prison sector and Fenner vetting all of Nikki's mail, Is there any chance of true love for Nikki and Helen

Throw into the mix a very attractive love interest for Nikki in the form of new inmate Caroline acted by Helen Grace. And the attractive prison doctor Thomas showing more than a passing interest in Helen.

The realistic and very raw content of Bad Girls puts it a notch above any other lesbian series that came before it and is only second probably to The L word [a later lesbian themed TV series from the US].

Strength is added by the other subplots addresses in this program e.g. drug abuse, power struggles between men and women in male dominated jobs, death of a loved one, separation from ones children, bullying and loss of a loved one.

The characters?

A confused sometimes ineffectual prison governess, a male warden we all love to hate, a rebellious, lesbian inmate with a dark past [well done Mandana], a feisty gangsters wife, the murderer, the drug addict, the self harmer, the prostitute best friends [mildly neurotic] and the female queen bee inmate with a dark side. And more

All the actors do a great job of making their characters real and believable

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