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  [2000 UK] - 92 minutes. Steven Woodcock

Winner: Best feature film [2000] New York gay and lesbian film festival

Barbara Marten, Andrina Carroll, Andrew Dunn

Synopsis: A beautiful love story set in a 1950’s English Milltown. This poignant story deals with class issues, suppressed desires and courage.


 Ellen Hardy is an unhappily married woman with a 10 year old son. She meets and develops a friendship with her son’s art teacher. This relationship leads to her wanting more for herself and a lot of strife at home.


Victor Hardy is a ten year old son of a manual worker who has great artistic talent. His mother wants to nurture this in him but his more practical and probably jealous father has other plans.


Kathy Thomson, Victors art teacher has a lot of faith in his abilities. In nurturing him, she strikes up a friendship with Ellen Hardy. Kathy Thomson is a middle class modern woman who is quite comfortable with her sexual preference although restricted by the oppressive atmosphere of 1950’s England.


Geoff Hardy is a manual laborer who is all too aware of his position in life. When his wife strikes a friendship with his son’s arts teacher, Geoff becomes jealous. This leads to an attempt at obstructing his son’s artistic development.

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A well written well acted movie. The story line is spot on
It's interesting that there are no sex scenes in this and I don't recall a single kiss, but the emotions are so intense

A well made movie which took me from highs to lows and back again. A must see for the romantic

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