Movies For Lesbians - Bound


[1996 USA] - 108 Minutes Andy and Lana Wachowski

Winner: 1996 Stockholm Film festival Honorable Mention
1996 National Board of Review Special Recognition
1996 L.A. Outfest Grand Jury Award - Honorable Mention
1997 Fantasporto international fantasy film award Best actress and best film
1997 GLAAD Media Award Outstanding Film

Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, Joe Pantolino, John Ryan, Christopher Meloni
Bound Lesbian MovieCorky and VioletGina Gershon And Jennifer TillyBound

Synopsis of Bound

Sparks fly when Violet a gangsters girlfriend meets corky an ex-con in their apartment building elevator and the two soon become lovers.

Caesar, Violet's boyfriend launders money for the mafia and to give him his due credit, is loyal to the mafia and takes his job quite seriously. About the time of Corky and Violet meeting, Caesar is holding about two million dollars for Gino, the mafia boss. There is some friction between Caesar and Johnny, Gino's son but Caesar does not let this get in the way of business.

After witnessing a brutal interrogation in her apartment, Violet decides she wants out. She and Corky hatch a plot to steal the two million dollars based on her knowledge of the mob and Caesars manner of thinking. Things start going wrong when Caesar reacts in an uexpected way

Review Of Bound

Bound was made with a limited budget and it was the Wachowski's first movie. An excellent movie with a tinge of comedy, Bound was not written as a lesbian movie. The decision to make the leads lesbians took the film from average to iconic.

Acting was as expected superb. Not surprising as you have Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, Joe Pantolino and a very young looking Christopher Meloni [Law and order]

This website,, came under criticism in one of the lesbian forums because we had not added bound to our reviews. Considering Bound is a such a good film and one of the early films to feature a lesbian relationship in a mainstream movie, not reviewing Bound here was a major oversight.

Bound is one of those lesbian movies that appeals to both lesbians and straight people. It's amazing how a film made over 10 years ago could still be so fresh. Having said that the size of Violets mobile phone gives it away

Joe Pantoliano gave a great performance and added a lot of texture to the movie

Quotes From Bound

"My name is violet we sort of met on the elevator"

"I have a tatto. Would you like to see it"

"The redistribution of wealth"

"We make our own choices we pay our own prices"

"Caesar, you don't know shit"