Movies For Lesbians - But I'm A Cheerleader

But I'm A Cheerleader

[1999 USA] - 85 Minutes Jamie Babbit

Winner Creteil international Women's Film Festival 2000 Audience Award Best feature film

Natasha Lyonne, Clea DuVall, Cathy Moriarty, Dante Basco, RuPaul Charles, Eddie Cibrian, Michelle Williams

Lesbian Comedy But I'm A cheerleaderSexual redirectionMegan and Graham kiss

Synopsis of But I'm A Cheerleader

Megan is an average american girl who is a cheerleader , has a family that dotes on her and a boyfriend, the captain of the football team, who wants to kiss her all the time.

Problem is although she appears to have all the boxes ticked, she knows there is something wrong...and so do her family and friends. Megan's family and friends know what the problem is but Megan is totally unaware. Megan is a lesbian living a straight person's life.

When confronted with the evidence of her lesbian nature she is initially in denial. After all everyone looks at women's breasts lustfully, right? Oh and she does not like kissing her boyfriend but that's just how things are. Oh and what about the Melissa Ethridge thing?

Finally Megan's family and friends force her to face up to the fact that she is a lesbian which sounds very wholesome and positive. But they want her to go for therapy to cure her of her lesbianism. A gay and lesbian boot camp / rehab called true directions or as referred to in the movie 'Homosexuals Anonymous' While undergoing 'sexual redirection' or 'the five step program' Megan meets other lesbian and gay people who will radically change her life

Review of But I'm A cheerleader

But I'm A cheerleader leaves you with a smile. A really good lesbian comedy. Absolutely hilarious.

Some of the characters in this movie were supposed to be gay stereotypes but the actors managed to weave some degree of quirkiness into their characters making them unique.

Credit goes to the actors and actresses for pulling it off. A script that could easily have come across as cheesy was translated to a fresh, funny film that you could watch again and again.