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  [2005 UK] – 181 minutes. Peter Ransley’s adaptation of a Sarah Waters novel

Nominated: BAFTA TV Awards [2005]. Best Drama Series
IFTA Awards [2005] Best Actress, Best Director

Sally Hawkins, Elaine Cassidy, Rupert Evans, Imelda Staunton, Charles Dance

Synopsis: This 3 part TV series really stands out. It not only features lesbian characters, it also has a great plot. Not surprising really since it is written by none other than Sarah Waters

This is not just a story about lesbians. It has a complex and absorbing plot of deceit, betrayal, manipulation and the early porn industry.

Set in 1860’s London, this period drama is both entertaining and exceptional. A tribute to Sarah Waters as a literary genius.

This movie has narratives from two different perspectives, those of the leading ladies. I was simply blown away when I watched it and had to watch it again to fully comprehend the twists in the story. If you have read the novel, do not be put off this adaptation.

Sally Hawkins, Rupert Evans and Elaine Cassidy truly bring the characters to life. Imelda Staunton and Charles Dance add flavor to this rather enjoyable movie

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