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Gray Matters
[2007 USA] - 96 minutes. Writer/Director: Sue Kramer

Heather Graham, Bridget Moynahan, Thomas Cavanagh, Molly Shannon and Rachel Shelley

Synopsis: Gray and Sam Baldwin are as close as a sister and brother can be. They have been each others support and best friend since childhood. Same taste, similar personalities. But all that changes when Charlie, Bridget Moyhnahan, enters the picture. With their similar taste in virtually everything, it is inevitable that Gray and Sam fall for the same woman.

Will their relationship survive the upheaval that ensues.

Rachel Shelley [of the L word] and Alan Cummings both have minor roles

Review: Another attempt to make a 'lesbian' movie that manages to miss the mark.

Gray matters starts with a lot of promise, you get the feeling you are in for a treat during the first 20 minutes of the viewing then it suddenly loses it's way. The last 30 minutes is a bizzare attempt to have everyone get a highly unbelievable happy ever after

The positive points of the movie are
  • The actors and actresses really do make a go of it. They manage to bring some life to a really poorly scripted but well intentioned production
  • Alan Cumming's line 'I happen to think you are pretty dandy' A great insider joke
  • The movies analysis of coming out is really spot on. Gray's sshpill in the lift actually was rather insightful of the world we live in
Overall, I watched it to the end and may watch it again but left me a little flat

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