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[2005 UK] - 98 minutes. Writer/Director: Jan Dunn

Winner: Best Independent Film Award [2005] Best Achievement in Production
Best First feature film San Francisco frameline International film Festival

Pauline McLynn, Chloe Sirene, Tamzin Dunstone, Rula Lenska and Paul McGann

Synopsis of Gypo

Chloe Siren As Tasha in Gypo

Three narratives, from the point of view of each of the leading characters

The daughter of a dysfunctional British family brings home a few friends. One of the friends happens to be Tasha, a beautiful Romany Czech refugee who subsequently stays for dinner. The resulting effect on the family are profound

Paul, the husband, owns a carpet fitting business. He is idealistic and believes in employing British workers. Jobs for the boys, so to speak. He is, however struggling to make ends meet and is increasingly frustrated with his situation

Helen, the mother, is a stressed mother and grandmother who works the night shift at Asda. She tries to support her daughter but is increasingly disappointed in her. Helen wants more for herself. She attends art classes in a bid to improve herself. A strong character who is gentle at heart

Kelly, the daughter. Kelly had a baby as a teenager, well before she was ready for the responsibility. She is the typical adolescent who just wants to have fun and does not like being told what to do. Although easy to dislike, Kelly has some golden moments that make you think there is hope for her yet

Tasha, Kelly’s friend, the refugee [Gypo]. Beautiful, intelligent, mature beyond her years, Tasha and her mother are asylum seekers in the UK. For someone who has experienced some hardship in her short lifetime, Tasha is surprisingly optimistic. She has ambition and has the drive to see it through


Review of Gypo

Gypo is a truly beautiful and gentle love story. The story is consistent and flows well.

The acting was believable, the chemistry real and the lesbian scenes genuine

Although a lesbian movie, gypo addresses other important issues. It handles the refugee subject in an unbiased but sensitive manner. It is a story of family crisis, love, hope and understanding

All the actors do a great job of making their characters real and believable

Pauline McLynn's performance is exceptional and Chloe Sirene is dazzling

A definite must watch. Gypo is one of the freshest films I have seen in a while

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