Hannah Free Lesbian Film With Sharon Gless

Hannah Free

[2009 USA] - 86 minutes Wendy Jo Carlton

Sharon Gless, Maureen Gallagher, Jacqui Jackson, Ann Hagemann, Kelli Strickland
Hannah ANd Rachel OlderOlder Hannah with Vision of Adult RachelAdult Hannah And Rachel

Synopsis of Hannah Free

Hannah (Sharon Gless) is in a nursing home with some unspecified illness. Down the corridor in the same nursing home is her lifetime girlfriend, Rachel, who is in a coma.

Although they have been lovers through most of their lives, Hannah spent a lot of time away in search of excitement and perhaps running away from reality. Its therefore not surprising that Rachel's daughter sees Hannah as a destructive influence in her mothers life and won't let Hannah see Rachel.

Through flashbacks the story tells of Hannah and Rachels childhood, how they became lovers and the influences that resulted in Hannah leaving home again and again

Review of Hannah Free

Finally we get to see Sharon Gless in a lesbian role. And although she delivers, the movie left me a little flat.

Sharon Gless was actually very good in this to give her due credit. And there were a few quirky moments like Pat the volunteer who delivers the mail.

The idea of two aging lesbians not allowed to see each other because of external factors is not a new one. Vanessa Redgrave's character in 'If these walls could talk (2)' pulls at anyone's heartstrings. But there are so many other things going on in Hannah free that the main theme is lost in a lot of other issues

The highlight of the movie was Jacqui Jackson who plays a college student writing a piece about Hannah. The film is actually mainly centred around conversations between Hannah and Greta [the character Jacqui plays)

And there was adult Rachel (Ann Hagemann). Another really convincing performance especially in the scenes where Hannah talks to her imagined form. There was a really cool scene with Hannah talking to Jacqui and also passing comments to imagined Rachel.

Hannah free does raise some social and political issues affecting lesbians. In this narrative Hannah was not allowed to visit her life long partner on her daughters say so.

Hannah free also focuses on aging and the occasional loss of dignity that goes with that.

What does 'Hannah free' add to the lesbian film genre? Apart from Sharon Gless in a lesbian role... nothing new. However it's a clever bit of story telling and well worth seeing

Quotes from Hannah Free

Have you seen my horses No got nothing inhere but goats

I want somebody to know I was here I want somebody to know you were here too... ...I want somebody to know I took you to bed that I loved you

I stood my ground, lived my life, I loved you Despite everything I was brought up to believe

It's not out there, It's here

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