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Imagine me and you

Imagine Me And You
[2006 UK] – 94 Minutes. Ol Parker

Piper Perabo, Lena Headley, Matthew Goode

Synopsis: A gentle movie about finding love at the least convenient time


Rachel is getting married Heck after a long friendship and romance. Problem is Rachel loves Heck but is not in love with him. However there is a lot to be said for having a dependable and attentive man to marry and Rachel seems contented with her lot. The bonus, Heck is popular with Rachel's family and is not a bad looker.

All running smoothly till Rachel meets Luce, who also happens to be her wedding florist

There is a heightened sense of awareness between Luce and Rachel from the moment they meet, leading Rachel to ask important questions about her sexuality and her marriage.


Overall 'imagine me and you' is an above average lesbian movie. Generally good acting. Story line is almost believable

One great moment in this movie is when Rachel first sets eyes on Luce, You just knew things would not end there. Also the lets clear the air walk in the park makes your heart break

A great film in which being a lesbian is treated as no big deal.

If it's women making love you want to see, you won't find that in this film. But if you are looking for a film about two women in love with great obstacles between them, then this is a superb film.

Great acting and good story line.

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