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In Passing
[2006 USA] – 74 Minutes. Kate Fitzgerald

Vanessa Mittenzwei, Lisa Rothe, Kate Clinton

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Synopsis: Two women, Vanessa [Veronica Mittenzwei] and Julia [Lisa Rothe] meet through theater work and fall in love.

Set in New York city this movie beautifully depicts the ups and downs of their relationship.

A beautiful love story, beautifully acted. In this case at least one of the leads is a lesbian

Real, believable acting, great love scenes, good chemistry between the leads, lots of tenderness that comes across as genuine.

Julia [acted by the absolutely stunning Lisa Rothe] comes across as a strong intelligent woman who anybody would be proud to be with

Vanessa is more flighty, not really sure of what she wants, unfortunately unsettled.

Does she get her act together on not

In Passing is definitely one to watch