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[2003 USA] – 96 Minutes. Luane Beck

Deidre Kotch, Katherine Lee, Tom Darci, Maria Biber-Ferro


Renee Higgins, a university professor is married with kids and has a reasonably even keeled life. Passionate bout theatre, she is working on a university play which she hopes to enrol in a contest.

Eve, an out lesbian in a troubled relationship, is a student at the university whose special talent is acting.

Eve and Renee work together on the school project and an initial mutual admiration evolves into a relationship that threatens to destroy Renee's marriage and career

Intentions has a really gentle pace and is really a film about consequencies.

The acting was good overall but there were some rather poorly delivered lines that the movie could have done without

Not a movie that will generate too much excitement from the viewer, but not the worst movie I have ever seen either.

Yes it is a lesbian story and yes it has a believable plot but somehow it manages to miss the point

I think the thing about this film is it feels 'acted'

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Intentions a lesbian movie by Luane Beck