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[2005 USA] - 76 minutes. Director: Katherine Brooks

Diane Gaidry, Erin Kelly, Laura Breckenridge, Ilene Graff and Kevin McCarthy

Synopsis: A lesbian love story of forbidden love between a Catholic school teacher and her rebellious student

Simone is a poetry teacher in the Catholic school that she attended.

On the surface is a cool composed young woman in a stable relationship.

Peel this back to reveal a talented woman with a painful past and great longings.

Simone understands the establishment and realizes that to thrive she has to appear to conform with  certain expectations. She copes quite well with this till Annabelle arrives in her school

Annabelle is the daughter of a Senator who has had previous lesbian relations.

We get the impression that although her mother is a successful and famous politician, she has difficulty communicating with her rebellious daughter. Enter a series of boarding schools. On arriving at St. Theresa's, Annabelle is immediately attracted to Simone.

In the setting of a very strict boarding school, Simone's need to conform and the complexities of the Age barrier, the quest for love, especially a lesbian relationship is difficult.

Review:This beautifully shot and acted movie had me riveted from start to finish. The chemistry between the lead actresses is tangible and the love scene was handled more delicately than in most lesbian movies I have seen

Definitely, Loving Annabelle deserved the rave reviews.

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