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[2002 USA] – 105 Minutes. Kimberly K. Wilson

Amy Thiel, Joy Yandell, Adam Knox, Jennifer Steele

: Maggie, an out lesbian works in her fathers auto spare parts store. Single and content, Maggie has a small but close circle of friends and spends her spare time playing softball. She meets and falls in love with Annie a straight, happily married mother. Maggie is all too aware of the futility of her love for Maggie and makes every effort to avoid her feelings getting deeper

Annie is happily married to a terrific guy and has just moved to the neighborhood with her husband and son. Annie is also into softball and joins the softball team that Maggie plays on

The two soon become good friends and the attraction between the two is all too apparent.

Do Maggie and Annie give in to the chemistry between them or decide to stay good friends. The decisions they make one way or the other has important consequences for them and those they love.

Major Spoiler!!!



Review of Maggie and Annie:

Obviously a low budget film. Photography could have been better. However the core of the film was very good. The acting was gently yet decisively executed, the actors seemed to believe in the roles they were playing and the chemistry was very real

The lesbian scenes did not appear 'acted' which was refreshing and the leads just went for it whole heartedly

Almost a believable story although there were some areas that were a little too much to believe, like the husbands stance, but over all a good movie

I will admit that in the beginning I was rather bored but as the movie went on, I was totally drawn in

One of those stories that you just have to give a chance to develop.

Would I watch it again, yes!

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