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Nina's Heavenly Delights
[2006 UK] – 94 Minutes. Pratibha Parmar

Nominated: GLAAD Media Awards[2008]

Shelley Conn, Laura Fraser, Art Malik, Veena Sood, Raad Rawi


Nina, obviously the apple of her fathers eye, leaves her family home in Glasgow and heads to the bright lights of London to escape an arranged marriage.

As the head of a middle class family, her father runs a highly successful restaurant and has an otherwise stable marriage and family

Before any reconciliation could be made between Nina and her dad, he suddenly dies precipitating her return to Glasgow after her three year stay in London

Before his death, Nina and her father had won the best of the west cooking competition on two occasions and his dream was to win it a third time.

He had also used half the restaurant as collateral on an ill advised bet

With the death of the patriarch, the business comes under threat and it is up to Nina to try to save the family business.

Entering the restaurant in the best of the west competition provides her with a possible solution

All however is not as straight forward as it seems. Nina is yet to come out to her family which in itself is not a problem if she had not fallen for her business partner, Lisa.

Throw into the mix a secret marriage, her mothers own deep secrets, a drag queen and a family whose culture demands 'respectability'.



Nina's heavenly delights is slightly above average. The formula is familiar and the storyline is predictable.

Nina's Heavenly Delights shines through because it is a lesbian movie that is not just about that, ie being lesbian. The cooking competition is a whole story of it's own that would hold most people's attention

The acting is pretty solid and the theme is believable. When you have someone like Art Malik in a film you know that however formulaic the films synopsis may appear, there will be something relevant about the movie

The love scenes appeared natural and if the two leads are not lesbians, they made a good job of it

Overall a well made, feel-good movie that addresses a few issues about family values

I personally enjoyed Nina's heavenly delights and will definitely watch it again

'It must be the Garam Masala

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