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Out At The Wedding
[2007 USA] – 96 minutes. Lee Friedlander

Winner: New York Lesbian an Gay Film Festival[2007] – Best feature – Audience award

Andrea Marcellus, Desi Lydic, Cathy DeBuono, Charlie Schlatter, Reginald VelJohnson, Mike Farrel


Alex, a southerner now living in Manhattan , is in love with Dana, a dashing airline pilot who just happens to have an African American father and a jewish mother.

On the day Alex goes back home to attend her sister, Jeannie's [Desi Lydic] wedding, Dana proposes to her

On a background of a difficult relationship with her sister and traditional southern family, Alex's anxieties about her new found love are very real

As a result of a gaff by her best friend Jonathan [ Charlie Schlatter], who also happens to be a gay man, the whole wedding party believes that Alex is a lesbian

The complexities of Alex's family 'beliefs' leads to a series of events that are both comical and endearing

out at the wedding Jeannie and Risa

Oh and did I mention That Dana's parents think Alex's family are dead. And then there is the pretend lesbian girlfriend

Can't say anymore or I'll be giving the whole thing away


A top notch lesbian movie.

Acting was great and natural. No awkward moments that so many lesbian movies are noted for.

Story just flows smoothly

Genuinely funny. Not cliched, just a barrel of laughs

Definitely one to watch

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