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Producing Adults (Lapsia ja aikuisia)

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Producing adults (Lapsia ja aikuisi)

[2004 Finland] - 102 minutes. Director: Aleksi Salmenpera

Winner: Stockholm Film Festival [2004] Fipresci Prize

Verzaubert International Gay And Lesbian Film Festival [2004] Rosebud Award

Jussi Awards[2005] Best Supporting Actress

Miina Haapkyla, Minttu Mustakallio, Kari-Pekka Toivonen

Synopsis of Producing adults (Lapsia ja aikuisia)

Venla and Satu Producing Adults

Venla, a counsellor at a fertility clinic and Antero, a speed skater have been a couple for many years.Venla wants to have children and Antero seems to go along with this. He however is secretly concerned about the effects having a child will have on his career in competitive speed skating and his lifestyle.

So while Venla is busy doing all the right things to maximize her chances of conception, Antero has his own ideas. It's clear though that despite this, he loves Venla but the deception begins to take it's toll.

In her efforts to concieve, Venla turns to a fertility doctor she works with, Satu for help and a friendly ear.

Satu has her whole set of problems including a sick mother who keeps prompting her to 'get a boyfriend' and a slightly odd collection of flatmates

As Satu and Venla try to understand Venla's inability to concieve, they fall in love somewhere between the pipettes and the Sperm freezer.

A real exploration of motive and our innermost desires

Review of Producing adults (Lapsia ja aikuisia)

Producing adults is one of the best scripted lesbian movies I have seen in a while. It tries to be fair to each of the characters and tells the story without judging the characters, leaving interpretation of motives and intent open to the viewer

The acting is superb and is as natural as it gets. The leads including Minttu, minna and Kari-pekka gave excellent performances

There is a distinct absence of the cheesy moments that seem to be a necessary part of most lesbian movies.

No odd moments, nor overladen speeches.

Producing adults is a finnish movie with subtitles but this did not dilute out the intensity of the story.

The charm of this movie is it's realism. It gives the impression of being believable and everyday.There are no special effects here, no glossy finish or flamboyance. No chic uptown apartments or trendy clothes

The complexities of the relationships and deceptions are so plausible and such a frequent occurence in real life. No surprise this movie won 3 awards and was nominated for several more

Deserved all the accolade it got.

A really good movie all round despite the really crummy chat up line

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