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Red Doors Lesbian Film

Red Doors [2005 USA] - 90 Minutes. Georgia Lee

Mia Riverton, Elaine Kao, Jacqueline Kim, Tzi Ma

Winner: CineVegas International film festival[2005] Special Jury Prize

L.A. Outfest [2005] Audience Award

L.A. Outfest [2005] Grand Jury Award

Tribeca Film Festival [2008] Best Narrative feature

Red doors opens with Ed Wong's retirement party. At dinner that night with his daughters; Katie, Julie and Samantha and his wife, it becomes immediately apparent that all is not right with this family.

Samantha is on the surface a contented mature big sister who has everything she wants. Getting married to Mark, a successful, handsome man. Recently promoted in her company. Oh and beautiful. But underneath all that is a restlessness that she eventualy has to come to face up to.

Julie is a medical student who is at the age where her parents are beginning to get worried about her single status and setting her up with dates. Julie is a lesbian, but mum and dad do not know it. They are Chinese American [ Live in New York but have traditional Chinese vakues]and being a lesbian is just not an option.

Katie Wong is a high school student trying to figure out her attraction to neighbour Simon. And expresses this in the strangest of ways. her big thing at the moment is Hip-hop dancing

Apparently small events result in dramatic changes for the entire family

Samantha bumps into an old flame making her question her decisions and current path

Julie meets Mia, an out lesbian and movie star and is attracted to her. Medical student and movie star. How does that work out or does it?

Ed is having major problems with adjusting to retired life. He is acutely aware that he does not begin to understand his children and wants out.

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Review of Red Doors:

Absolutely spot on.
The world unseen had to be made into a movie. The novel was intelligent and the story just flowed. The movie is better still.

Red doors is not strictly a lesbian movie but the lesbian story does feature here. Red doors is similar to 'What's cooking' in that it is a story about families and how different members have different challenges and dreams.

Tzi Ma, the father, absolutely made the film. His character is so distressed and tortured and he gets that across with very few words

The lesbian story between Julie and Mia is fairly standard but still well portrayed. No cheezy moments which is a relief

Jacqueline Kim was pretty good in this. More could have been done with her story but she delivered nonetheless

Overall 'Red doors' is a good movie. One to watch, not for the lesbian content, but for the strange and complex dynamics within families

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Red Doors lesbian Interest Movie By Georgia Lee