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Rescuing Desire
[1996 USA] – 111 minutes. Adam Rogers

Rescuing Desire Lesbian Movie

Melinda Mullins, Tamara Tunie, Caitlin Dulany, Bruce Alman


Toni, a very accomplished social worker and award winning nurse, is engaged to successful physician, Dr Ralph Mallory and works in a hospital run by Ralph's father.

Following the death of her teenage son, Toni is acutely aware of how short life can be and is determined to live it on her terms.

Van, Toni's best friend also works in the hospital and has been a great support throughout her recent ordeal

On the surface, a well adjusted middle class woman in a stable relationship, we are soon made aware of Toni's long term longing for women and her struggle to deal with it and conform.

Rescuing Desire takes us through Toni's exploration of her sexuality and Van's efforts to ensure Toni's safety during her self discovery

Rescuing Desire


Absolutely loved this movie.

Rescuing desire is a romantic comedy that is light hearted and keeps things real.

The movie takes a light hearted look at the trauma of coming out as a lesbian especially later in life

Tamara Tunie gives a stellar performance as Val. Had to crosscheck if she is a lesbian or not after watching rescuing desire because her love scenes are totally believable and she carries the role comfortably.

Melinda Mullins could probably have done more to develop her character, but all round a good performance.

Totally enjoyable, refreshing movie.
Great love scenes, totally natural.

Unfortunately I have not found any movie clips for Rescuing Desire but watch this space!!