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Running On Empty Dreams
[2009 USA] - 120 Minutes. Nitara Lee Osbourne

Rachel Owens, Kathleen Benner, Jose Rosete, Wil Rillero

Running on empty dreams Sydney and JaneLesbian film with Rachel Owens and Kathleen Benner

Synopsis of Running On Empty Dreams

Sydney's well laid ot life is thrown awry when she finds out she has a potentially curable but possibly fatal condition.

Problem is the cost of her medical treatment is way beyond her and her husbands means. To help drum up some funds, Corey, Sydneys husband takes a promotion at work which means he spends a lot of time on the road.

Sydney soon meets and bonds with her 'spiritual' neighbour Jane Smith.

She recognizes and acknowledges her attraction to Jane.

How will Jane react and what are the implications for Sydneys future

Review of Running On Empty Dreams

Hmmm. That's what I thought when I saw 'Running on empty dreams'


So lets take it from the start.

The script is a little confused.

It's like the writer did not know whether they wanted to write a born again christian movie or a lesbian movie. Don't get me wrong there are born again lesbians, but generally they don't go about saying that being a lesbian is wrong in God's eyes. Or perhaps some do.

And the script vacillates on deciding if Corey is a good husband or a bad one. Again like they couldn't decide what to do with him. One minute he is working pretty hard to pay for his wife's treatment and on the other hand he shows evidence that he does not have a clue who his wife is or what makes her tick

And towards the end of the movie, the mood changed so dramatically, it gives you the impression that some over-editing has been done with something crucial left on the editors cutting floor

The acting was pretty good for the 3 leads. Kathleen Brenner as Sydney is totally convincing in her role. Great actress. Looking forward to more [hopefully with a better script] from her.

Same goes for Rachel Owens who plays Jane in the movie.

There is palpable chemistry between the two actresses and the love scenes were great. These two ladies worked pretty hard and deserve a more ...satisfactory script

Jose Rosete playing Corey did the best anyone could with his character.

The born again lesbian? Let's not go there

So Hmmm.

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