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Saving Face
[2004 USA] – 91 Minutes. Alice Wu

Winner:     GLAAD Media Awards[2006] Outstanding Film
               Golden Horse Film Festival [2005] Viewer's Choice Award

Nominated:   Golden Horse Film Festival [2005] Best Actress [Michelle Krusiec]
                  Gotham Awards [2005] Breakthrough Director Award [Alice Wu]

Michelle Krusiec, Lynn Chen, Joan Chen


Wil is a Surgical resident doctor living a hectic life and trying to reconcile the demands of her traditional Chinese family and her modern lifestyle.

Her family's traditional values demand that she 'find a nice Chinese boy and settle down'

Vivian, the daughter of Wil's boss, has a career in performing arts and is more worldly in her ways.

After meeting at, of all places, a vending machine, a relationship develops between  the two Chinese-American ladies.

Will their relationship survive the challenges of their respective and 'overtly respectable families'. Or will they choose the easier path and conform?

The title saving face comes from the Chinese concept of face 'ie society's perception of a person's prestige' Emphasis on perception

Saving face is a really enjoyable, light hearted look at coming out in a culture that has yet to embrace homosexuality.

Michelle Krusiec and Lynn Chen give a sometimes stilted but overall believable performance.

The bonus is Joan Chen [From Wild side]. This lady may not be a lesbian but she continues to be supportive. As Wil's mother, Joan Chen is almost unrecognizable in her role as a traditional Chinese mum who by the way speaks no English and has a penchant to get herself into tricky situations.

Saving face is said to be loosely based on the writer/director's [Alice Wu] coming out story.

Lots of laughs and happy moments in this movie

Love scene was again quite realistic

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Saving face, a lesbian movie by Alice Wu