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The Fish Child [El Nino Pez]

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[2009 Argentina] - 96 minutes. Lucia Puenzo

Winner: Malaga Spanish Film festival 2009 - Silver Biznaga Award - Best Cinematography

Winner: Malaga Spanish Film festival 2009 - Silver Biznaga Award - Special Jury Award

Ines Efron, Mariela Vitale, Carlos Bardem, Pep Munne, Arnaldo Andre

Synopsis of The Fish Child [El Nino Pez]

Fish Child Lesbian Movie El Nino PezAilin and Lala

Ailin [who also seems to be called La Guayi] a stunning paraguayan maid, has worked in an affluent Argentinean household since she was 13 years old.

Her employer is an influential Argentinean judge, Fernando Bronte, whose ideals have made him some high profile enemies.

The harsh realities of life for Ailin including poverty, a father from whom she is estranged and a dark, disturbing childhood are exacerbated by the Judge's constant sexual harassment.

Complicating the picture further is Lala, the Judge's privileged daughter who is in love with Ailin.

The girls come from opposing social backgrounds but there love seems to transcend all that. They dream of one day running away and building a life together with funds raised by selling off the Judge's property.

The conviction of Ailin for a murder in the household puts the love between these two girls to test.

Review of The Fish Child [El Nino Pez]

The spoken language in The fish child [El nino pez] is spanish but the movie is available with english subtitles.

I must admit the first time I saw El Nino Pez, I was distracted by the independent feel of the movie. And totally missed the story.

But watching it again, this is a truly intelligent and delicate lesbian love story.

The complexities and irony of the relationships is so well presented by these actors.

The chemistry is real and there is a certain ease between the two female leads that makes you believe they have lived together since they were 13.

A little disappointed that the legend of Mitay Pyra was not better developed. Sounds very intriguing although it may just be that it was lost in translation.

El nino Pez also allows other characters to be well developed in the movie.

The story of Lala's father is well defined and Ailin's mysterious father is not marginalized

Having said that this movie is also very dark. It addresses issues like sexual abuse as a matter of course, a reality of existence.

The desperation of Ailin's life is presented in a matter of fact manner. The class divide and the injustices. It happens to a lot of people seems to be the subtext here.

Must say, absolutely loved it.

Excellent acting.

Does this lesbian love story have a happy ending?

"To The Bottom"