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The World Unseen [2007 South Africa] - 94 Minutes. Shamim Sarif

Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, David Dennis, Parvin Darbas, Grethe Fox

Winner: Miami Gay and lesbian Film Festival[2008 Audience Award Best Film

Phoenix Film festival [2008] Cooper Wing Award for Best Director World Cinema category

Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival [2008] Audience Award For Best Film

Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival [2008] Jury Award Best Director

Verzaubert - International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival [2008] [Second Place] Rosebud Best Picture

: The world unseen was initially a novel by Shamim Sarif which was converted to film in 2007. A Story about race, lesbian love, betrayal, poverty and love set in 1952 South Africa

Miriam and Omar are a poor Asian South African couple with 2 children and a third on the way. There poverty and failure of their marriage is immediately apparent. Miriam however is the traditional, subservient, obedient wife to her arrogant and unfaithful husband. Omar see's his wife's role in life to be to obey him, have children, preferably sons and minding the store at home.

Amina is a free spirited and independent South African Asian with some Black ancestry. In 1952 South Africa, a true rebel who shunned the conservative expectations her indian community had of her i.e marry a nice asian man and have children, and seeks to live life on her own terms. 

Her ideals spill over into and probably is partly responsible for the success of her restaurant, the location cafe, which she co-owns with Jacob a 'coloured' man with his own set of problems.

Jacob, a black south African man, gentle in spirit but unfortunately secretly in love with Madeleine, the local post mistress and a regular in the location cafe. Madeleine is white, Jacob is black and it's 1952 South Africa.

When Amina and Miriam meet, the attraction they feel for each other is instant and pretty strong.  For the free spirited Amina this is not too difficult to come to terms with.

But for housewife, traditional Miriam, the attraction and it's consequencies often prove too much, too intense, too different and too wrong

In a society where homosexuality is taboo, apartheid reigns, and the highest expectations for a woman are to get married and have children, will Miriam and Amina's love come to be. Will Jacob get his girl

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Absolutely spot on.
The world unseen had to be made into a movie. The novel was intelligent and the story just flowed. The movie is better still.

A deep and sometimes difficult to watch story that puts some of the more ugly aspects of our society in plain viewing, this film addresses difficult and complicated issues

The atmosphere of female oppression is palpable without ever been stated, the scenes depicting apartheid were excellent in their realism. The chemistry between both sets of potential lovers, Amina and Miriam, Jacob and Madeleine is evident.

This movie is quite different from Shamim Sarif other lesbian interest movie, 'I can't think straight'. Where that movie is all glitz and glamor, the world unseen is dark and sad and provocative

Highly recommended

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The World Unseen lesbian Interest Movie By Shamim Sarif