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[1995 CANADA] – 94 minutes. Patricia Rozema

Nominated: Genie Awards[1996] Best Actress - Pascale Bussieres

Best Costume Design – Linda Muir

Best Supporting Actor – David Fox

Pascale Bussieres, Rachael Crawford, Henry Czerny, Don McKellar, David Fox

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Synopsis: A gentle film about Camille Baker, a conservative, literacy professor at a Christian University. Camille is in a long term, flat relationship with Martin, another Professor at the same university. Camille meets free-spirited Petra at a laundrette. Petra is immediately taken with Camille and opens her to feelings she didn’t know she had.

Although this reads like a cheesy Lesbian converts straight woman story, it's quite different. It is a gentle story of love and a woman who finally finds herself and of course the consequencies of her self discovery.

Beautifully shot with great use of the carnival scene, this film leaves you with a lump in your throat and a great grin on your face. Includes a very romantic and convincing love scene.

Beautifully done. Definitely 10 out of 10

Quote  'I love your sex, the sadness in your eyes & the way you say switcheroo'