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[1995 USA] - 96 Minutes. Donald Cammell

Anne Heche, Joan Chen, Christopher Walken, Steven Bauer

Synopsis of Wild Side

Alex [Anne Heche] a corporate banker has two passions in life. Her very expensive house and a desire to live in the third world.

To pay off her mortgage she works as a call girl and it is during one of these jobs that she meets Bruno [Christopher Walken].

He is known as the 13% man, a money launderer who is into everything except drug money. During their session together, a deal is hatched between Alex and Bruno with the potential to make Bruno 169 million dollars.

Virginia [Joan Chen], Bruno's wife meets and falls in love with Alex.

Add to this an on going FBI investigation into Bruno's money laundering business

Review of Wild Side

Very well paced movie. Edgy, involving, excellent script, well developed characters, brilliant acting

Anne Heche's Alex is just simply amazing to watch. Bruno is absolutely mad and yet completely rational. And Virginia seems to be the driving force behind both characters. Totally different role for Joan Chen from her part in Saving Face and What's cooking

Pretty Hot movie

Some interesting quotes

It's duty free so I feel it's my duty to buy them

It's not about sex, it's about power

Favorite Place

The executive Powder room

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